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Base Maintenance Customer Liaison & Oversight

A successful completion of a Base Maintenance event requires pro-active planning, continuous checks and balances,  effective communication, disciplined time management and timely corrective initiatives when required. We offer full Base Maintenance event support for Owners and Operators.

Aircraft Sales & Acquisition Support

The acquisition & sale of a business aircraft is not only a negotiation and legal challenge. Also the technical aspects of an aircraft transaction are complex and plentiful - from initial aircraft comparison, records review and aircraft assessment, through PPI and final negotiations of discrepancies and interpretation of contract language regarding technical matters. We offer in depth technical expertise coupled with an aircraft sales background to assist navigating towards a successful transaction.

PPI Pre-Purchase Inspection Customer Liaison & Oversight

A well planed, monitored, documented and    reported Pre Purchase Inspection is most crutial when committing to a certain aircraft to purchase. Any overseen issue during PPI can cause major problems later during aircraft operation. Saving on a well executed PPI is saving at the wrong end. We can support PPI Facility selection, defining the inspection scope, supervision, evaluation and reporting.

Completion & Refurb Manangement & Oversight

Interior Completions and Refurbishments projects are critical impacts on aircraft systems and structures. As when building the new green aircraft, these are most complex projects that require diligent and experienced management. With our experience we help to keep these projects on track as far as budget, quality and deadline is concerned.

EASA & Off Shore CAMO & Airworthiness Reviews

In cooperation with our partner company R & R Aviation Consulting GmbH. Approvals and Airworthiness Review Staff available for EASA NCC, Isle of Man, Bermuda and Cayman Islands registered aircraft.

Back to Birth Aircraft Records Reviews

Aircraft records must be in pristine condition when the aircraft is sold and transitioned to a new operator. The integrity and completeness of aircraft records are a critical part of the APA delivery conditions. The new operator uses these records as the primary reference point detailing the aircraft’s historical trend and current status, providing the necessary baseline to allow projection of future maintenance.

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